Holes in pockets? Revenue check points? Let’s find those.

Accounting and bookkeeping explained

Why a business needs to designate a professional for accounting & bookkeeping. There are four stages in your accounting and bookkeeping. If you have a failure in any 1 of these stages, there will be a failure in your business of some kind.
The four stages are:
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Why would a Small Business use us?

Answers to these questions are provided weekly. Tax time should not be an anxiety trigger. Properly set up accounting and bookkeeping make tax time a breeze…and less expensive! And, to support all those deductions 🙂 your small business will be prepared with IRS compliant, paperless (yay!) record keeping.

Bookkeeping FAQ's

What does proper record keeping mean?

Karen maps efficiencies into your bookkeeping storage to capture receipts and records. IRS or State audits are simplified – saving you money in the long run. (Audit representation starts at about $5,000 without it). We match you with apps specific to your industry that will minimize your accounting burden

Businesses with solid records do not need to fear a tax audit – let us help your business get there and give you peace of mind.

Why do you need a profit and loss sheet?

We coach you to read your P&L and Balance Sheet to make healthier decisions supporting the goals you have for your business. Without complete numbers, the decisions you make are from ‘best guesses’ and ‘intuition’…why take that sloppy risk when the info should be right on your cell phone? Complete picture of your business = reaching your goals. Yes, it really does

What our accounting and bookkeeping entails

1. Set-up of Chart of Accounts and Accounting Methods.

2. Receipts and Record Keeping

(excluding inventory management)

3. Journal Transactions

4. Reconciling Accounts

5. Provide periodic Financial Reports to Owners / Shareholders

6. Tax

    1. Estimated Tax Calculations
    2. File and generate payments to Federal and State Dept of Rev.

7. Training in workflow to create effective bookkeeping by your assigned staff bookkeeper.