Least Tax Liability ~ Legally

Federal & State Taxes

Federal & State Taxes

We provide Tax services to both businesses and individuals.

We provide a personalized experience.  We look at your tax situation and make sure that you are using the correct forms and filing correctly.  We often amend past tax returns if your tax situation was not dealt with correctly.  I often find deductions that were missed by interviewing you and getting a deep understanding of the type of business you run and the type of deductions you have been taking.  We will look at your past returns to be sure everything was covered correctly.  

Past Mistakes are often Found and Corrected!

Business Taxes

We can help businesses with:

  • Sole Proprietor Taxes and Self Employment Taxes
  • Partnership Taxes and all related forms
  • S- Corporations
  • Incorporated Businesses

We specialize in Tax Problems!

If you have a tax situation that either you are questioning or the IRS is questioning, get our FREE 15 min consultation and see if we can put your mind at ease. We are very knowledgeable on all current tax laws and we know how to use them legally to your benefit.

We can look at your past tax returns and see if there is a solution to your tax problems that you are not even aware exists.  We look for the best solution for you and your business.

Individual Taxes

We can help individuals with:

  • Rental properties
  • Anything that has a profit and loss sheet
  • Inheritance or Estate issues for taxes – we know the correct accounting methods to get the most advantage to you
  • Related party rules – transfer of property

If you are an individual with a standard W2 tax return, feel free to use Turbo Tax or some other inexperienced tax person.

If you have more complicated tax returns, like you have rental property, you inherited a sum of money or items of value, or property was transferred into your name from a relative, then you need an experienced professional that knows the tax laws and can help you keep as much of your dollars as possible. Get our FREE 15 min consultation and see if we can help you.

Our Tax Services include:


  • Personal/Individual Tax preparation
  • Small Business and Investment Property, Depreciation management, and/or tracking shareholder and partnership basis.
  • S-corp / Partnership returns (25 or fewer employees).
  • C – corp (25 or fewer employees).
  • State tax returns for all U.S. states according to state requirements.

Letter and Audit Representation

  • Employment Tax Issues
  • Category expense and Income  Audit
  • Letter Representation

Read what our Federal & State Tax Clients have to say:

Karen was very helpful, I was in serious trouble, so I thought, I went to 2 other tax firms, the first one told me I owed 33,000, the second one said I owed 21,000, I knew both those figures weren’t right, a friend recommended me to Karen, I was literally in her office for four and a half hours, and it seemed like an hour, watching her work was amazing, the best part to this story is, she got me a $1,300 refund I never expected that, I will never go anywhere else I highly recommend Karen @ Strategic Tax Accounting and Consulting

Rick Malstrom

Karen is an exceptionally talented professional.  I have the pleasure of using her services for both business and personal accounting and taxes.  Karen ensures that I report accurate information.  She also ensures that I am well protected and have the right optimization strategies in place. Karen streamlined my bookkeeping processes so I can focus on growing my business.  I highly recommend Karen!

Elizabeth S.