Strategic Planning

Do you feel out of control when it comes to your business taxes?

small business owners discussing tax matters

Strategic Planning for a better Tax outcome

We can look at your current and past tax returns and create a road map for future tax planning. Options are based upon your wants and needs. Business decisions you make track confidently toward your personal goals and maintain your values. Tax law creates fence posts and road maps in support of options and decisions. STAC Accounting,LLC navigates the dynamic roads of  tax law in support of your success and quests.

Strategic Planning for Businesses

What can we do for your small business?

To be or not to be…an S-corp….hmm…  What does it all mean? We can examine your business entity for behavior, statements, and trends determining if you would be better off with a different entity class. We will project when would be a good time for your business to incorporate – or not. We clarify all the ins and outs of the different business entities helping you to decide which is best for your business, your goals, and, most importantly your preferred mode of day to day operations. Entity choice isn’t a decision made without commitments. We’ll discuss these. Fully.

Strategic Planning for Individuals

Why would an individual need to plan in the future for taxes?

Here is one example situation where we can help you think out your options. Say you have a rental property. Let’s make a decision about the future of the rental – do you see yourself keeping the property and eventually selling it as part of your retirement or leaving it for your children? What are tax rules around transferring or selling the property to a family member? Another option is to sell the property and buy another property as a rental – reinvesting the gains on the original property. Opportunity zones? All of these situations have different tax effects. Which is best for your goals

We can also listen to your retirement goals and help you make good tax decisions that will allow those to be reached. No two paths are the same; we have the experience and knowledge to show you what your current and future choices will mean for your retirement.

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