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When it comes to tax liability, context matters. Your history, life situation, goals, and legal documents present an important story. 

The delicate matter of processing your story through tax laws and forms is not a ‘check the box’ moment. At STAC, we believe that tax consulting and preparation is personal and that’s why we provide a personalized experience. 

We know your needs are unique. Our FREE 6 minute consultation is more than an introduction but an assessment tool. Is your tax ‘problem’ a bruise that’s easily healed or a sign of internal hemorrhaging in need of immediate treatment? Schedule a consultation and we’ll help you figure out your nextstep.

Your deserve a tax expert on your side

With a background in tax law and forensic accounting, STAC clients get a tax insider working for them.

Karen Ault-Aboujaoude
Tax Consultant, Accountant, Quickbooks Pro Adviser
From strategic planning to special problems on your individual returns, it can feel like there’s no limit to tax challenges. The good news is that you don’t need to be an expert, when you have one working for you.

As an Enrolled Agent, authorized by the US Department of Treasury, Karen represents businesses and individuals whose needs range from ordinary to extremely complex.

STAC exists because we believe you deserve an advocate who understands tax law and cares about your unique situation.

Business taxes

We can help businesses with:

Individual taxes

We can help individuals with:

Immigration tax matters

This is our niche specialty. Liken this to a general medical doctor with a specialization in surgery. Our services are contracted by you but led by your attorney. Discovery, strategy, and preparation meet compliance requirements for court and tax authority. These forms and disclosures are submitted with sensitivity and permissions only to the individual and attorney per your signed consent.  We have on site assistance in Spanish and Arabic.

Family law tax matters

Complexities of household dilemmas and dissolutions are so often frightfully laced with tax consequences. Karen takes special care in acting with ethics and procedures regulated by Cir. 230. Forms of consent and disclosure are signed.  Discovery is documented.  Tax positions are detailed, reviewed, and shared appropriately with attorneys as permitted by our client.   Opinions are presented with presumption they may be seen by a judge or adjudicator.  Features of forensic accounting are used if required or requested.  STAC does not contract directly with attorneys.  We are referred by the attorney and engage as a separate entity representing you before the IRS and state tax authorities with awareness of your interests related to family court issues.

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